Friday, 16 August 2013


A quick snapshot of what I've been up to in NYC this week. I took the Staten Island Ferry and admired the Lower Manhattan skyline, spent a good chunk of time walking up and down the fabric lined aisles at Mood, soaked up that bookstore smell in Strand Books, and took a walk through the Park Avenue Tunnel.

I've been living in NYC for two months now and I still have those this-isn't-real-I-must-be-dreaming moments. Even more amazing than the tourist bucket list moments are the moments when I'm doing something mundane - like juggling my groceries on a busy sidewalk, trying to get my metrocard out of my pocket without spilling my Americano* - and I catch a glimpse of the Empire State Building. I'm in New York City. I'm actually in New York City. I could say it a thousand times from the top of the Empire State Building but it still wouldn't feel real.

I was worried that if I didn't keep a journal throughout my time here that I'd wouldn't have any way of remembering the time I spent here, but I know now that I won't. Sure, I won't have a record of what I did each day, but I'll always remember the moments that took my breath away, the moments when I fell even more in love with the city, and the moments when I was so so happy that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

And even if those memories start to fade away, I'll still have the Instagram snaps.

* An Americano is a black perculoted coffee that I have come to absolutely love. Something that I never thought I would say. It's true that New York City changes you.

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