Monday, 24 September 2012


jacket: missguided
t-shirt: sportsgirl
shorts: supre
necklace: sportsgirl
flip flops: factorie (old)

I'm glad that Monday morning is here and I can sit down and relax after the insane few days I've had. Most weeks I have nothing planned during the week, but come Friday I'm running around like mad. Life, why you no spread yourself out evenly? 

I love this outfit and could happily live in it for the rest of the S/S season. In fact, I probably will end up living it in. It's comfortable and easy to wear, but still good for those quick trips to the hardware store or the shops. The jacket is perfect for sunny-but-not-quite-hot-enough-for-no-jacket days too. I hate those days when it's not cool enough to not wear a jacket, but any jacket (especially leather sleeved jackets!) clings to your arms in the heat and makes you feel gross and sticky! Even though it was quite sunny and warm (I think it got to 27 degrees) I was really comfortable in the jacket.

I was cheered right up from my I-hate-everything-in-my-wardrobe mood when my Topshop order arrived on Friday morning too - yipee! Now that the sun is out more and the mercury is hitting 25+ daily, I looked at my favourite things from last S/S and am not feeling inspired by any of it so it was nice to get a few new things. That's all that I'll be getting, a FEW new things.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank-you. The clasp keeps coming undone so I'm really worried I'll lose the pendant. Hope not.

  2. cute outfit!
    ah the sun decided to peek into your photos :P


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