Monday, 17 September 2012


dress: asos
necklace: diva
flip flops: havianas*

When I first popped this dress on I wasn't sure that I liked it. The length is perfect, and I've been favouring loose fitting dresses recently (comfortable, and perfect to throw over a slathering of fake tan) but I just wasn't sure about the high neck. I don't have big boobs, but I do have a little cleavage, and I've always found high neck styles sit weirdly on my boobs and look unflattering. This makes me a little self conscious, not in a I don't like my body way, in more of a I know I'm not going to feel comfortable wearing this kind of way. There is nothing worse that getting to work, university, or a party and constantly having to adjust or tug at your outfit. I hate that feeling. The dress. When I put it on yesterday afternoon I wasn't sure about the high neck, but as soon as I popped this necklace on the whole look changed. The necklace is the focal point of the outfit and I feel so much more comfortable with the high neck style. I gravitate towards long necklaces as I've never liked the way collars look on me so it will be nice to start pairing them with this dress - a new day has dawned for me. 

This is the first outfit I've posted since having my hair cut last week. I only had a trim as I'm growing my hair but you can really notice a difference in the ends. My ends are bleached and get a workout from the straightener or curling iron almost daily so after a while they start to look a little worse for wear. I've recently started using a heat treatment spray as well as a hair oil in order to look after my ends a little more and encourage them to grow. My at home ombre job also got a nod of approval from the hairdresser, much to my surprise! 

A shout out and thank-you to all of your supportive words and congratulations for yesterday's City to Bay fun run. I finished - which was my goal! And as it happens I not only finished, but shaved almost a minute from my average kilometre pace!



  1. I love that you found a great way of still wearing the dress but feeling more at ease with it! It looks really good and I wish I could pull it off as you do (hate bright things so a black necklace really wouldn't work would it?).

    1. Thank-you, I do feel very good that I was able to change my mind and not shove the dress into the back of my wardrobe.

  2. I have this dress in pink and I absolutely love it! This necklace looks great over it, I really like this look on you.



  3. Your hair looks great, as does the necklace!

    1. Thank-you, I just wish it would grow faster.

  4. I love this dress Rebecca, I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail!


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