Friday, 19 July 2013


The other day I took a long walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and spent the afternoon wandering around DUMBO, snapping pictures of the Lower Manhattan skyline, and roasting on one of the hottest day of the heatwave. 

After an afternoon oh-ing and ah-ing over the incredible bridge, the skyline and being amazed how small Manhattan looks from the other side of the Hudson, I took the long way to the subway. I walked along Centre Street past the court house - there were no wig sporting celebrities around unfortunately - along Canal Street and through the vibrant and bustling Chinatown. And somewhere along Canal Street I turned left and I was in Little Italy. I don't think I'll ever get over how different the city is one neighbourhood to another. Sometimes from one street to another. 

I wandered from neighbourhood to neighbourhood as I made my way through the busy Union Square stopping to quickly snap a picture of Manhattenhenge, to Times Square, and saw it light up as the sun set.

Times Square is incredible during the day, and it was even more incredible at night. It comes alive. There were people everywhere, every building was lit up, and a man was playing the guitar in a pair of white underpants.

I've almost crossed everything off my New York City bucket list and I'm not even halfway through my stay in the city that never sleeps. Although, even though I've done almost everything that I want to do here, I feel like there will always be more to see. My dream to call this incredible city no longer exists, but I've been happy to call it my temporary home for now.


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