Friday, 5 July 2013


Dear Diary,

I went on a sightseeing adventure yesterday morning and did a little bit of vlogging along the way. I felt a little awkward vlogging on the street but figure that I'm just another crazy person in a city of eight million - and it's worth it to be able to share my adventure with my friends, family, and tweeps.

I headed downtown to West Village - which quickly became my favourite place in the city - to wander around Washingtown Square Park, down the restaurant and boutique lined Bleeker Street, and found myself on Carrie Bradshaw's stoop. As with most of my adventures, it felt a little surreal. After snapping a photograph, a quick instagram snap, a short vlog and a chat with the people who live on the ground floor of that infamous building (they were really friendly and more than happy to take a solo travellers picture!) I took the opportunity to wander aimlessly around West Village. If I was going to live in New York City I'd live here - it's a vibrant, sophisticated, quirky neighbourhood and whenever I'm there I feel like I could call it home.

I tore myself away from the wide tree lined streets of West Village to wander around Midtown. I saw Madison Square Park, the Flatiron (not Flat-ron) Building, Bloomingdales and the huge lush plant pots in Columbus Circle. I will never get over how unique this city is and how it changes from street to street - there are bright blue, red, and yellow art installations in the amazing green spaces, tables and chairs litter around busy intersections for people to sit, chat, and eat, and a crazy mish mash of buildings. Three months doesn't feel like enough time to explore.


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