Tuesday, 28 August 2012


A few weeks ago my front bike light stopped working so I ordered a pack of Knog's Frog Strobe Lights. They're weather proof, easy to put on and take off, and they only cost me twenty dollars! Plus, they arrived in this cheerfull packaing - and you know I'm a sucker for packaging. I thought I'd write a quick post to share this aspect of my life, and tell you about my experience as a bicyclist.

Living in a small, flat, sun-shines-most-days city means that a push bike is a great way of getting around. You don't have to wait for busses, trains or trams, don't have to suffer the horrors of public transport, and can ride striaght to where you want to be and, usually, park right outside. Plus, once you've ridden to and from uni, you've already done an hour of cardio exercise. Win, win, win! I haven't always ridden, it was boyfriend who suggested I get a bike - he's an avid rider - and I had to admit it was a good idea. But how dangerous was it going to be? I wheeled my bike out of the store and before I hopped on I said a little prayer and hoped that I would remember how to do it - you're not meant to forget how to ride a bike, so the saying goes! I didn't forget, but I was wobbly and the traffic spooked me. But after thirty seconds I forgot all of that and all that I could think was that zooming along with the breeze in my hair (under a helment of course!) felt refreshing and I felt free. I've become alot more confident since then, but I do still use the footpath on busy roads where there isn't a bike lane. Adelaide has lots of bike paths and bike lanes so it's pretty fuss free to get around, although there is the odd driver who wants to run you off the road. I don't ride everyday, especially in winter when it's  wet, but I can't imagine not riding now. At uni last week a girl in my class asked me how I can ride in my clothes, but I've honestly never worn an outfit that I wasn't able to ride in. The maxi dress was a bit challenging, and there is an odd occasion of knicker flashing when wearing a skirt but you zoom past in a blur so they probably didn't even see anything anyway. I do have a backpack and should probably use it more, but most days I usuaully sling my handbag accross my body (using the shoulder strap) and it works fine. I do have to limit the amount of shopping I do when I'm on my bike, but trust me, when you want those shoes you will buy them and find a way to caryy them home on your bike! Right, now, on ya bike!



  1. Cute!
    I love biking to places - it's so convenient, like you've said.
    I attached a rack to the back of mine and bought some really cool pannier bags - so that's how I get my groceries home. I hate how sweaty backpacks make me.

  2. haha cute post!
    im so tempted to bike it this summer but i'm kinda unco.
    might just roller blade everywhere instead!!!

  3. yeah bike always is a good idea :) this post is amazing <3


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