Wednesday, 22 August 2012


t-shirt: sportsgirl
jacket: dottie
gillet: sportsgirl
pants: river island
necklace: sportsgirl
snood: collette
nails: essie 'bikini so teeny'

This is actually what I wore yesterday but last night while I was editing the pictures I clicked something and they all disappeared. I couldn't figure out how to get them back - and I'd already erased them from the camera already - so I had to take them again today. Technology, 1, Rebecca, 0.

I'm wearing my River Island high shine tube pants (read: disco pants dupes) again and I really don't want to take them off - they're incredibly comfortable! I hope you're not sick of seeing them as I'm not sick of wearing them. I wore them rolled up at the bottom this time and I think I prefer them like this as they make my legs look longer. And of course I'm wearing my biker jacket and faux fur gillet combination as it's still really really chilly here. I would have never thought to wear two jackets together to create a new look but now that I've found this one I'm mentally thinking of other vests I can throw over my biker jacket. I think I'll trawl a few op shops and see what I can find!

We've had such a cold winter here and, having moved here from the UK when I was younger, I've really enjoyed it. I love coats, I love scarfs, I love gloves. I love winter fashion and all of the colours that come with it. And I also love winter food!



  1. Amazing outfit, I want everything you are wearing here. The jacket looks great with the gillet over the top : )

  2. I love this outfit! The gillet is just amazing.


    1. It was a great buy as I've been able to wear it alot over winter.


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