Friday, 3 August 2012


t-shirt: sportsgirl
jumper: sportsgirl
skirt: general pants
shoes: target
necklace: sportsgirl
nails: american apparel 'silver jazz'

As soon as I tried this skirt on in General Pants I knew I had to buy it. I'd been looking for a skater skirt for a while but, being petite, the majority that I'd tried on were too big around the waist and didn't sit right on me because of this. This one, however, fits perfectly! It can be a real pain trying to find skirts, shirts, or pants that fit nicely so finding one that does is like finding the holy grail! I feel like I look really schoolgirl-ish when I wear the skirt (like this anyway) because it's exactly like the one I had to wear as part of my uniform at high school. What do you guys think? Schoolgirl-ish?

I bought these wellies (gumboots, here in Australia) from Target last winter because I was simply sick of getting wet feet but have been wearing them regularly ever since because I actually really like them and they're really comfortable. They were only $20 too which makes them an absolute bargain! 



  1. Nice post !

    3 words YOU LOOK FABULOUS :) !

    I am an instant follower now :)

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    Check it out ! :)



  2. I love your outfit - the colour of the jumper is lovely! I have one quite similar but a bit paler =D And yay for finding a skirt that fits right, it can be such a pain! They're always too short for me.

    1. It's a nightmare at times so I'm always happy to find one that fits.

  3. Love the jumper and shoes! x

    1. They were a bargain - glad you like them.


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