Friday, 28 December 2012


t-shirt: cotton on
skirt: asos
necklace: lovisa
shoes: ninewest

Like most styles, I have a love hate relationship with dipped hems. When they were first popular I thought they looked strange, and vowed that I would never wear anything with a dipped hem. But - again, as with most styles - after a little while (and a little hype) I changed my mind and decided that I did like them. I still find them really difficult to style, at times a little long (but I guess that I can expect this given that I don't have supermodel like legs), and awkward and clumsy when I trip on the hem, but there are a few - this t-shirt from Cotton On and this khaki tank - that I've fallen in love with and wear over and over again. I paired this navy t-shirt with my ASOS mini (again) and footless tights, for another day of post-christmas sales madness.



  1. Gorgeous! I was hesitant also when the 'mullet' styled clothing started coming out. But they have grown on me so much now!

  2. I love your watch! I can't decide if I like the dip hem trend on me, I really don't find it flattering! Plus the word 'mullet' totally puts me off. I love how you wear it xx

    1. Thank-you. I love big chunky watches, I might invest in a white (and silver) one after my trip too.


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