Saturday, 22 December 2012


gillet: sportsgirl
tank: sportsgirl
leggings: river island
shoes: ninewest
necklace: sportsgirl

I picked up this tank, gillet, and necklace from Sportsgirl during the week, falling in love with each of the pieces as soon as I saw them. Which happens way too often in Sportsgirl for my liking, and my bank accounts liking. Cream and gold are not two colours that I wear often (do I wear cream at all?) but in lieu of my new years resolution being to just say yes, I bought the gillet and necklace anyway. My biggest reservation with cream is that I'm not really sure how to work it into my wardrobe - which is full of blacks, greys, and whites. Ditto for gold. I grabbed the tank (khaki, who wouldn't?) and the necklace on the way to the changing rooms just for fun (dangerous idea!) but ended up loving the three pieces together. The gold numbers on the tank make it easier for me to wear gold accessories (I just need a gold watch. Hint!).  I also think that the neutrals look quite nice contrasted against the black, so perhaps there is room for cream in my wardrobe. 

I know it's the middle of summer and way (way!) too early for gillets and other autumnal pieces. But when have I ever dressed seasonally appropriate? Nine times out of ten I'm over, under, or inappropriately dressed. It's how I roll.



  1. you look awesome, i love your vest!

    1. Thank-you. I love it too. I wish it was cooler so that I could wear it more.


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