Sunday, 30 December 2012


dress: witchery
sandals: ninewest
bandeau: asos
sunglasses: rayban
purse: mimco

I bought this beach dress yesterday, after my birthday mani pedi, as a birthday treat to myself - as you do. I don't usually bother with maxi dresses as they're always too long for me and generally look unflattering. When I saw this one Witchery I had to try it on, and to my surprise (hoping with all manicured fingers and toes crossed) it wasn't too long. I love everything about it. Even the name is gorgeous. It flows out around the waist, bu tapers in at the bottom ever so slightly, giving a flattering shape, and catches even the slightest breeze - perfect for the hot weather we're expected to have this week. I generally don't like having my back and shoulders on show - I don't dislike them, but they just don't have any shape or definition - I really like the way this dress looks from the back. 

I wore it today when my boyfriend, housemate and I went to Sushi Train for my birthday lunch treat, a tradition in it's third year now. And I'm now sitting on the sofa watching Gossip Girl re-runs and eating Hattie Blythe's boarding school tuckshop mix - a perfect lazy birthday afternoon. Thank-you for all of your birthday messages on Twitter and Instagram. It has been both overwhelming and flattering. Rock on!



  1. This dress is gorgeous! Hope you had a good birthday! :) x

  2. nice dress ! great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  3. Happy birthday! Hope u had a blast!

    - True

  4. Happy Birthday. I love that dress!

    1. Thank-you. I love it too, it's so easy to wear, and so glam too.


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