Tuesday, 11 December 2012


An Australian summer's day. My first attempt at macaroons. A practical gift from my BF. Look at this mug. Chocolate snowman. Happy Christmas to Me. On a tomato kick at the moment. Slight panic when I woke up with lilac hair. Gingerbread man jumping for joy. I don't know what they are but they are amazing - at the Cremorne Hotel. A selfie snap. Abbm at Violet's Hair - I'm definitely booking a session with Lisa-Anne. Where I learnt a ton from Kitty. Rebelling against the system by wearing my socks on the wrong feet. Fresh pineapple and cucumber juice.

I am addicted to Instagram, and each week I Instagram more and more, making these posts harder and harder to do. Follow me (@rebeccabrittle) to check out what else I got up too. And so that I can have a sneaky peek into your life too.

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