Tuesday, 11 December 2012


t-shirt: sportsgirl
pants: river island
necklace: lovisa
shoes: ninewest

I agonized for days over what to wear to the staff x-mas party on Sunday afternoon. I had multiple outfits planned the day before - as I was working on Sunday and was going straight from work - none of them felt quite right. My style is very casual, and when it comes to dressier events I'm stuck for things to wear and fret that I'll be under-dressed as I just don't have any dressier things in my wardrobe.

After much deliberation and numerous conversations with the girls at work I decided on my River Island disco pant dupes and this flowing tee from Sportgirl - two of the trustiest pieces in my wardrobe! Although I do prefer longer necklaces, I wore this collar necklace as it feels a little more glam, and threw on these Ninewest wedges which I forgot how much I love to wear.

After a week of feeling very blegh about blogging it feels great to be writing a post again. I usually struggle to write, and I worry that my blog will get repetitive - there are only so many times I can tell you how much I love my River Island disco pant dupes, I'm sure - and that it's un-interesting. I'm also a massive home-body, preferring to spend time at home with a book, my kitchen aid, or the latest TOWIE episode, so my outfits are usually the same for a few days or not suitable for the internet (I spent alot of last week in my bikini as I got ridiculously sunburnt and couldn't wear anything else!). I really hope that for the new month or so (before I jet off to India!) I can create some fresh and exciting content, and that you enjoy reading it. Please also leave me a link to your blog (or tweet it to me @rebeccabrittle) as I'd love to spend the rest of the day catching up on old favourites and discovering new blogs.



  1. Can never go wrong with black! I love your shoes! Also, I hope you will do many posts from India! I always like seeing raw culture through travels blogs and such!

    1. I will try to post while I'm in India. It will probably be a weekly Instagram post because my outfits will be really boring and the same (due to backpacking!).


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