Monday, 19 November 2012


A bit of an early start this morning but once I've washed my face I always feel much better. I'm currently using Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser and could not recommend it enough. I trend to switch between moisturisers depending on how my skin feels so at the moment I'm using Gatineau's Aqua Memory's Moisture Replenish as my skin is feeling a but dull and dry. It soaks in quickly, and my skin always feels amazing after applying this.

I prefer to keep my makeup natural so my makeup routine is pretty basic. I'm using (and loving!) a sample of the much coveted Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation. I love it, and if I didn't already have too many foundations I'd probably have already have purchased a full sized bottle. It gives a natural, light coverage - just enough to even out my skin tone without looking like I'm wearing foundation at all. I'm also loving Bobbi Brown's brow kit. I'm still 'new' to brows, having done zilch to mine for years, but am embracing the thicker, darker brow and loving it. I stick to natural shades of blush - MAC's Soft Meow is my favourite - but today layer Benefit's Coralista over it for a deep pink-coral flush. A quick spritz of perfume (today I'm wearing Emporio Armani's Diamonds) and a slather  of Carmex on my lips (multiple ties a day!) and I'm off out the door.

I'm having one of those days where time seems to just fly by so I make the most of the tram ride home and pop my hair up into a topknot and use a facial wipe (I love Wotnot's because they're organic, gentle on my face and give the best clean) to quickly get rid of the days dirt and grime. I get hoe, quickly whip up some kebabs and pop them in the fridge to marinate and am off out again - now for a run with my dad. 

Post-run I exfoliate - using a cult classic we all know and love - slather on a facemask - Origin's Clear Improvement charcoal clearing mask, another cult classic - and catch up on Instagram while it does it's thing. I hop in the shower and hop out again squeaky clean. I'm currently using Al'chemy's ylang ylang colour care shampoo and avocado and calendula re-moisturing conditioner. This duo not only smells amazing, but keeps my ombre looking healthy - there's not a brassy lock in sight. I generally just grab whatever body wash is on special but was treated to a bottle of Moogoo's Milky Wash at ABC earlier in the year so currently using the most amazing smelling body wash ever. Ever.

After my shower I pop a few pumps of You, Me, Everybody's skin mousse on my legs as they're feeling a little dry. I prefer this than any other moisturiser as it's lighter and doesn't leave me with that sticky skin feeling. While my hair is still wet I spray a few pumps of Nak's Aroma Hair Oil (a big thumbs up for spray bottles!) onto the ends of my hair. It adds shine and vibrancy as well as colour and thermal protection. It also smells amazing! I also apply deodorant - Rexona's clinical protect - for the obvious reasons, and I give my nails a quick trim and pop a few coats of OPI Nail Envy on them to keep them looking nice, and keep them from splitting or breaking.Voila, ready for a movie and bed!

And that's my twenty-four hour diary of beauty products.



  1. This is an awesome idea! you never think you use so much but then you put it all together....

    1. I was actually surprised at the number of products I use, but to be honest, I thought it would have been more.

  2. This is such a great post idea and I've already planned to do one on my blog. However my list of products is much much longer which is a bit embarrassing!


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