Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Of course I've got my eye on a new perfume, I always have my eye on a new perfume. I take that back, I actually have my eye on two perfumes at the moment. Perfume is one of those things that I fall head over heels in love with and must have, and I must have them often. Really often. I'm clearly not a one bottle kinda gal either - with twelve bottles - stashed away waiting to be spritzed. Each  of my perfumes reminds me of something - my boyfriend, a new job, winter. They each hold a special meaning for my, and I always find a persons perfume collection an intimate look into who they are. It's only fair that I share mine, read (read, stalked) many other bloggers for their own perfume collection.

Lola and Daisy, both Marc Jacobs, are the loves of my (perfume) life, and Dot (the latest Marc Jacobs) will join them soon, I'm sure. Lola is a warm floral bouquet bursting with fruity flowery notes, but has a warmer  musky vanilla base which is what I feel makes it a great day-and-night scent. Daisy too is bursting with freshness, but still has that warmth in it. Diesel's Fuel For Life is another warm, woody scent that smells very masculine. This one takes me back to winter in the UK, so I spritz it only when I'm feeling homesick. The Benefit gals rank pretty highly too. So Hooked on Carmella is another floral vanilla that feels ultra glamorous yet still fun and fresh and My Place or Yours Gina is woody vanilla, almost empty, and drives the boys wild. My boyfriend calls it the skittles perfume. So maybe that just means he's wild about skittles.

Emporio Armani's Diamond's base is oriental too, but it has stronger top and heart notes of lychee, raspberry, lily, patchouli and freesia. It's the perfume that I spritz when I want to feel confidant and elegant. White Must Libertine, from The Body Shop, is actually a bottle that rarely sees the light of day. I loved it during Autumn this year, until someone said that it smelt too old lady for me. Perfume ruined, doomed to forever sit at the bottle of the drawer. I have a love hate relationship with Jimmy Choo. It has the rich, deep, oriental woody tones, but floral top notes.

Whenever I pick up any Ralph Lauren bottle Katy Perry's Teenage Dream starts playing in my head. Ralph Lauren's Ralph was the first perfume that I bought and is still my favourite. I very rarely wear it, because I want to keep all of those memories that it holds, and I'll be keeping the bottle long after the perfume has gone. It's a combination of apple, orange mandarin, pink magnolia, freesia and soft musk, that I love to spritz on from time to time. Ralph Rocks and Ralph Cool both smell as bright and fruity as the orange and pink bottles that they come in. I love them both on hot summer days. Van Cleef and Arpels Feerie has notes of mandarin, blackcurrant and violet - the later linger the longest. I love everything about it, especially the fairy perched on the branches on the lid.

In addition to this, I also have a collection of sample vials, that have outgrown their jar. I don't like to wear the same scent for long so these little vials are a great way to switch it up, as well as pop into my handbag for those long hot summer nights.



  1. I adore perfume, what a great selection here :)


  2. I felt like that about Jimmy Choo, sometimes it was almost a chore to wear it but now it's run out I'm gutted! x

  3. Great stash! Daisy is a personal favourite, been wearing it for about 3 years now!

  4. Wow I wish I owned this many perfumes. I have three and one I don't even like! x

  5. Adoro os Ralph Lauren :)

  6. Oh I love this post! It's so interesting to see what perfumes people have. I recently rediscovered my Ralph Rocks perfume and I love it for summer!


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