Thursday, 29 November 2012


t-shirt: sportsgirl
nail: models own belaric cool and ibiza mix

I know it's not much of an outfit, but I really want to keep this blog as honest as possible. I tend to wear baggy over sized t-shirts or loose fitting dresses in summer, a bikini and not much else, and often go barefoot especially when I'm not even leaving the house. Oh how glamorous.

I haven't worn nailpolish in ages, since I had my shellac manicure (it's true, once you shellac, you'll ever go back!) but I've been playing with my Models Own nailpolish this week. I love love love Ibiza Mix (I'm sure that you've heard this many times before) and am seriously addicted to it right now. I glitter bombed my nails with three coats of it (I instagrammed pictures @rebeccabrittle) and yesterday wore it over the top of belaric cool. Today I'm thinking of going red. Red red red.



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    1. Really? I always think I look really strange with my hair up, but thank-you.

  2. Oh this post makes me want to shellac my nails. Been considering it for a while. Do you find the time between the application and the removal strange? I can't imagine not being able to take it off myself but if it doesn't chip sounds worth it.

    1. Honestly, I had mine removed at two weeks but could have gone another week or so. It didn't look weird at all as it was growing out, at all. It is weird having the same nailpolish for two weeks, but if you choose a colour that you wear often and love it's awesome!

  3. i'm in love with this!

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