Thursday, 6 June 2013


Dear Diary,

I can't wait to pick up my backpack, sling it over my shoulder, and wander the world. But first I need to pack. And packing is not my forte. Once I know what I'm taking, it's a chich - I'm a serious clothes roller and can tetris anything into a backpack - but I tend to err on the side of over packing. And packing for a big trip is a nightmare in itself. 

I've packed my favorite basics - leggings, paperbag shorts, a jearsy mini, geenie pants, and baggy tees - that I can mix and match, and dress up by adding my chelsea boots and a chunky necklace, and have picked three statement pieces - a breezy maxi dress, a fun and flirty mini dress, and a monochrome tunic dress - that add a bit of extra oomph to my traveling wardrobe. These three pieces should get me through a couple of years worth of warm summer's nights, movie and sushi dates, and casual hangs. I'm also taking my biker jacket and a lightweight knit jumper - and yes, I know backpacking with knits is a bit of a no-no! I'm currently addicted to a black and white check scarf so into the backpack it goes - it adds a bit of detail to any basic outfit and doubles as a pillow in transit so it's a win-win.

Choosing which shoes to take was easy as I tend to stick to a couple pairs of shoes. A pair of super comfortable military boots for everyday wear all year round, a pair of chelsea boots for when I need something dressier, a pair of favourite-worn-to-death sandals for those hot days, a pair of havianas (typical Australian backpacker!) and a pair of good sturdy traveling shoes. 

My toiletries bag is looking a tad on the large size, but since I'm not moving around too much in the first couple of months of my trip and don't have to lug my backpack around too much, I've opted to pack the skincare products that I'm currently using, even though they're bulky. I'm going to use up these products within a month or so, and once I have I can ditch the bulky tubs. 

Oh and the most important thing - a moleskin notebook and a pen! And in true over packing style I've packed TWO bikinis.


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