Sunday, 16 June 2013


Dear Diary,

I'd call myself a foodie. A food-truck-cheap-and-local-street-stall foodie. But as much as I love to hit food trucks and street stalls, I love to cook. I also really enjoy a trip to the supermarket, and was as excited to hit the grocery store as I was to try my first hotdog. Apart from struggling to navigate the narrow aisles, bumping almost everyone who walked past me in the store, and not getting confused about pounds and kilos, I managed to find everything I needed for my favourite comfort pasta. 

Well, almost everything. The fresh food section was a little underwhelming - there was no rocket, the carrots weren't as appetising as they are at home, apples were a similar price, but strawberries are in season and I got the biggest punnet ever for three dollars. The butchers section was fantastic - meat is much cheaper here than it is at home, and the selection was incredible. I was craving feta cheese, but when I finally found it - there were two cheese sections, I don't know why - I found it wasn't very budget friendly. I'm so used to milk being a dollar a litre and always scoff when it's not - even at home - so of course I thought the milk was expensive at 2.99 a half gallon, which is a little under two litres.

And then I saw poptarts, which are a bargain compared to home. Into the basket they went. 

I know it's kinda weird that I'm writing about going to the grocery store and how much things cost, but I really enjoying doing everyday things when I travel, and I want to remember as much as possible about my trip. As homesick as I currently am, I know this trip is going to be incredible and I want to remember each and every thing I did, saw, and felt.

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