Saturday, 13 October 2012


jacket: missguided
tee: sportsgirl
leggings: river island
necklace: bahaus
shoes: i love billy (old)

A quick outfit post today. I spent the day baking cupcakes for my brother's birthday party tonight. When I asked him what kinda of cupcakes he wanted he said beer, typical little brother response! We talked, and I suggested cchocolate jack daniels cupcakes, and pink champagne for the girls and he aggreed. Today's outfit needed to be comfortable and practical for setting up a cupcake production line in my kitchen so I went with a pair  of leggings, a basic tee from Sportsgirl and this denim pleather jacker from Missguided. Can I jsut say that this is on the the most comfortable and easy-to-wear jackets that I've ever bought. Even though it's denim and pleather it's not restrictive or tight, and is really easy to move around in - love love love.

I look incredibly stressed and anxious (you can say it, it's okay) in these pictures, huh? I've been feeling incredibly anxious this week - which I think is a build up of uni coursework mounting up, doing a few extra shifts at work, and not getting to run as much as I'd like to. Plus, the thought of actually finishing university and moving on from being a student is scaring the daylights out of me. Things are about to change so much and I'm really scared of making the decisions I will have to. Crazy emotions keep taking over and I'm losing my ability to be rational and letting my anxiety take over. Must remember to take a deep breath instead of bursting into tears next time. Any advice for a soon to be graduate?



  1. That jacket is lovely! I can't stand wearing restricting jackets as they make me feel claustrophobic so it's good to know that this one isn't. Have a long bubble bath to relax :) xx

  2. This jacket is so amazing. I'm loving anything with contrasting sleeves at the moment! The simple outfit is great to really emphasise the jacket :)
    I suffer from anxiety a fair bit and I think the key is to try and not work yourself up. I'm such a worrier about everything but if you take things one day at a time and take a deep breath, things are rarely as bad as you first expect. Keep your chin up lovely! Uni is always worth it in the end.



    1. I'm trying to keep myself focused on the end of November when I'll be finished. And remembering to take a deep breath too.

  3. Your jacket is so lovely! I love it. Don't worry everyone can have a shit day/week from time to time. xo

  4. This jacket looks AWESOME <3 love the leather parts :)!

  5. Oh you know that I love that jacket. I hope you figure out what you want to do, I found it really hard when I graduated and I'm still figuring it all out!

    1. Can I join your still figuring it out club? It's nice to know I'm not the only one.


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