Tuesday, 30 October 2012


t-shirt: sportsgirl
disco pants: river island
shoes: ninewest
necklace: diva

I'm sorry that I'm posting Sunday's outfit on a Tuesday - I've been so busy with work, exam preparation and life in general and have really neglected my blog, instagram and twitter over the past week. I just haven't been feeling 'it' and have been preferring to get lazy on the couch with my kindle in my spare time, than blog. I'm also feeling very meh about my wardrobe, especially now that the weather has started to get hot. There are only so many days I can wear my favourite shorts or skirt before I get bored with them. Hopefully a look around the city for some summery dresses will perk me up a bit.

Something that I don't feel meh about right now are chunky chains. I picked up this one recently and love the girly yet grungy chunky feel that it has. It makes me feel ultra glam too, and perks up my simple outfit. I'd really love to grab a few more, in varying thicknesses and lengths and layer them up for an ultra glam, chunky, neck-fest.


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  1. this is awesome look! i really like your necklace <3


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