Wednesday, 31 October 2012


t-shirt / dress: sportsgirl
flip flops: factorie (old)
necklace: sportsgirl

It is slightly on the short side, but this t-shirt from Sportsgirl, doubles as a dress and was perfect on a scorching hot afternoon (yesterday) and the muggy humidity today. I fell in love with it the minute that I saw it in Sportsgirl (as I typically do with all of the pieces from their range) and purposely bought it a few sizes bigger so that I could wear it alone as a dress, or as a t-shirt. I must quickly add that this is a strictly at home dress, and I would never leave the house in something this short. Unless it was a 40 degree plus day and I really needed ice cream, I'd make that my only exception. 

I've had a really relaxing day today, without feeling guilty about my upcoming exam. I'm off the mindset that it's important to all yourself time to relax and breathe, rather than study non-stop. I find if I allow myself some me time while I'm studying I can focus more during study time. So today I spent the day reading and blogging. Bliss.



  1. Love the necklace, its beautiful!

    Lana, xo

  2. Pretty look!

  3. Haha. I wish it was scorching hot over here. You're very lucky! :) Love the look. x

  4. I was definitely edging toward "t shirt" just because I could never go out in such a short dress, as amazing as it looks on you! It's perfect for sticky days x

  5. Once again, you look AMAZING! Obsessed with that t-shirt dress! xx

    Twenties Girl Style

  6. I love how versatile this t shirt is. You can also tuck it into a pair of jeans and make it look chic. Love it!


  7. I loooove this, is it wrong I find it a totally acceptable length to wear in public? Anywho, you look so tanned! Uh, British weather.

  8. thanks!! you look adorable. :) xx

  9. Don't worry, you pull off this length fine! Good luck with your exam, try not to stress too much xxx

  10. it is a little short but it doesn't look vulgar so I really like it and wouldn't hesitate to wear it :)

  11. you have wicked style - and yeah its hot enough to be wearing tshirts for dresses i think!


  12. Cool. T-shirt/dress. Haha. I love your necklace. :)

    -Aya <3

    Mind if we follow each others blog? :)

  13. Awesome dress!


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