Monday, 8 October 2012


t-shirt: sportsgirl
skirt: general pants
necklace: river island
shoes: myer

The more I wear this skater skirt, the more I love it. I paired it yesterday with this black basic tee from Sportsgirl (a few seasons ago, but the always have something similar in store) and this tribal-y necklace form River Island - which is also a few seasons ago but there are similar styles in Diva and Lovisa this season. Although the sun was out, it was still fairly cool so popped on a pair of tights and my military boots to keep my warm as the sun went down. The skirt, t-shirt, and chunky boots look is a mish mash of feminine and boy-ish and I really like this look. It allows me to embrace my flipy skirt girly side (which I love more and more every day) but still let my boy-ish edgy side be seen without feeling too girly.

The first Sunday in October is the best of the whole year. The sun was only just going down as we finished desert which was lovely. I can't wait for some more long lazy Sunday dinners as the sun goes down.



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