Monday, 23 July 2012


 t-shirt: sportsgirl
faux fur gillet: sportsgirl
jeans: bardot
necklace: sportsgirl
shoes: i love billy
nails: opi 'i'm dating a royal' and 'the it colour'

Another hectic weekend has come and gone in a blur. I only just had time to snap these outfit pictures yesterday afternoon before rushing off out of the house. I didn't even have time to wash my hair - although thanks to a big dose of dry shampoo I got away with it (I use Rockstar's Dirty Weekend for Blond Hair and could not recomend the stuff enough!). I've been wearing my faux fur gillet all weekend as it's great for this unpredictable weather - hot one minute, cold the next. I'm loving my Bardot skinny jeans (you can read about my re-discovery of these here) and paired it with a t-shirt from Sportsgirl's basics range for what I'd call a functional, comfortable, yet still stylish weekend look.

I was tossing up between OPI's 'I'm Dating A Royal' and 'Pampalona Purple' when I was manicuring my nails and in the end the navy won me over - as it usually does! OPI naipolishes are worth the price tag in my opinion as they dry quite fast and are easy to apply. One coat of this one gives a sheer coverage and another coat creates a stronger opaque colour. I used 'The IT colour' as an accent nail to give my outfit a bit of colour. 

Are you guys tweeters? I love Twitter and have been using it ALOT recently. I find it great for news and for finding out things going on around Adelaide that I'd previously never have heard about. You can follow me by clicking here, or by searching for @rebeccabrittle.

P.S I got a Kindle today so if you have any book recommendations please let me know and on that note I'm off to read before my lecture.



  1. oh i adore this look <3 i'm tweeter ^_^

  2. Woo for you, getting a kindle! Love mine, definitely worth it. I personally love Cecelia Ahern, I'm not sure if you've heard of her? All of her books are brilliant, I'd recommend all of them!
    Nat @

    1. Don't get me wrong, I still love the feeling of a book. But a Kindle is going to make reading in bed so much easier! Cecelia Ahern, I haven't heard of her but I'll have a look for her books - always lilke to read new things!


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