Thursday, 5 July 2012


tee: river island
sunglasses: dotti

I'm a clumsy person and lots of my sunglasses have been sat on or flung into my bag multiple times. For this reason I don't like to spend alot on sunglasses as I know that in a few months they'll be totally trashed and I'll have to buy another pair. It's important that sunglasses have uv protection and I always check that any I buy are tested to Australian standards. Most high street store's sunglasses are tested to meet Australian standards and provide protection against uv rays and I will pop them back (no matter how much I want them) if they aren't. 

Round sunglasses graced the faces of celebs, bloggers and designers at this years New York Fashion Week and I love the look. I was over-the-moon to find a similar pair today as we tend to be a bit behind the trends of the major fashion capitals. Even better? They were 50 percent off and only cost me $9.95!



  1. They look good :) I bought a pair of sunnies from dotti a few days ago with the 50% sale too!

    1. You can't not buy a pair when they're half price, right? And they're fairly good quality too.


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