Sunday, 1 July 2012


cardigan: cotton on
top: asos
leggings: river island
necklace: spoprtsgirl
bag: ebay
boots: steve maden
nails: OPI 'fly' and 'did it on em'

I threw my batwinged cardigan over this neon top and paired it with my steve maden ankle boots for a 90th birthday party today. It was a lovely afternoon with lots of tea and cake. I wanted to wear something formal, but at the same time wanted to be comfortable and able to move around so went for leggins with a long top combined with my chelsea boots - a combination which I love and wear to death! The top is chartreuse, which is a colour halfway between yellow and green. The photo's don't do it justice - it looks alot more neon in person. I recently decided that I wanted to work more colour into my wardrobe and that I would keep this in mind when shopping. For me, this means being brave and choosing things a little out of my comfort zone. I fell in love with this top as soon as I tried it on, so much that I got it in a couple of colours!

I've been using nailpolish as another way to add colour to my outfits too. I went for OPI's 'fly' and 'did it on em' for this outfit as I wanted the colour of my nails to clash with my top and really stand out. 

New bag? Yes. It arrived yesterday morning and I proceeded to tip the contents of my old bag straight into this one. I got this one on ebay, and it's even been reduced! I'm extremely happy with this bag - it's a good size (it fits magazines and textbooks comfortably!), has a smaller pouch inside, a bonus shoulder strap.



  1. I love that cardigan! will have to go and have a look when I'm out and about tomorrow. Lovely blog, followed. Always wonderful to find another Aussie as well :)

  2. Hopefully they still have it. Cotton On are having a sale at the moment too so it might even be reduced! Will check out yours now, and yep glad find an Aussie!

  3. Nice outfit with a pop of colour - I love your nail design too with one different colour nail, think I will try this!

    1. I like doing one nail a different colour as you can us both a contrasting and matching colour in the same outfit! Good luck! I'll keep an eye out on your blog for it!

  4. Great outfit and loving your bag! X


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